I General Provisions

1.1. The lease agreement is valid since its conclusion until the vehicle is returned to the spot specified in the agreement for returning the vehicle on the agreed upon time, in the absence of any complaints. In the case of any complaints, the lease agreement is valid until complaints are resolved.

1.2. The length of a rental day is 24 hours.

1.3. Fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle will be transferred to the lessee with a full tank, the lessee has an obligation to return the vehicle with a full tank. If this is not done, then the lessee is obliged to pay 1.5 times the market price for every litre of fuel missing. Damages caused by improperly refuelling the tank will be compensated by the lessee.

1.4. The contract shall not be extended under no circumstances for a new lease period due to failure to return  the vehicle on time, except by the agreement of the parties in a reproducible form.

1.5. If the parties have not indicated any visible damage, disadvantages and other faults to the vehicle in the acceptance act of the vehicle, it is considered that the damage, defects, etc. recorded when returning the vehicle occured during the lease period.


II Rights of the Lessee

2.1. The lessee shall have the right to use the vehicle.

2.2. The lessee has the right to receive the income from using the vehicle. Not to use for taxi- and transfer rides


2.3. The lessee has the right for compensation of damage caused by a third party.

2.4. The lessee is entitled to use the vehicle only if he/she has a motor vehicle driver’s license. The same conditions apply to any other drivers.

III Obligations of the Lessee

3.1. The lessee and/or other driver undertakes:

3.1.1. The lessee obliges to make an advance payment for the duration of the rental period.

3.1.2. The lessee obliges to examine the vehicle before taking it into use and to confirm its suitability and good order. Signature on the agreement confirms the absence of any complaints.

3.1.3. to use the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, applicable laws and avoid damaging the vehicle;

3.1.4. The lessee is obligated to take good care of the rental vehicle and eliminate any deficiencies based on the conditions set forth in the § 345 subsection 1 of the Law of Obligations (bear the cost).

3.1.5. The lessee is obligated to not use the vehicle for illegal activities or illegal purposes, also not for towing, car racing or training etc.

3.1.6. The lessee is obligated to use the vehicle only on the roads, roads in the sense of the Building Act, of the Republic of Estonia.

3.1.7. The lessee is obligated to not give the vehicle for use to a third party, except for a second driver, who has been marked down in the current contract.

3.1.8. No smoking in the rental car! Smoking in the car – chemical wash 200 EUR.

3.1.9. The lessee or the second driver is required to ensure before every drive that the vehicle is in a suitable technical condition and observe the vehicle’s technical condition during the drive. In the occurrence of a technical fault, the driving error must be rectified before continuing to drive.

3.1.10. The lessee is required to refuel the car with only high-quality motor fuel prescribed for the vehicle.

3.1.11. not to leave objects in the vehicle, that could lead to their theft from the vehicle or damage to the vehicle, not to leave doors unlocked and turn on the signalisation if it is present, when leaving the vehicle,

3.1.12. to make every effort to ensure that the keys of the vehicle and/or vehicle registration certificate does not fall into the possession of third parties not authorized to do so.

3.1.13. to compensate to the lessor all fines, fees and any other obligations, including the costs related to the recovery of these obligations, that occur due to the unlawful usage of the vehicle, if the aforementioned claims are submitted or forwarded to the lessor on the ground that the lessee has not properly performed these obligations. The indemnity obligation is unlimited in time and the lessor may also demand compensation from the lessee for damages arising from the aforementioned obligations.

3.1.14. to do everything in his/her power to prevent the lessor or third parties from suffering damage;

3.1.15. to compensate to the lessor for any damage to the vehicle caused by the infringement of the claims arising from the contract  in part that is not compensated to the lessor by the insurer or a third party, if the vehicle is damaged or destroyed by the fault of the lessee or if the insurer or a third party does not compensate for damage caused by the lessee’s circumstances. If, according to the contract, the risk of occurrence of certain circumstances is placed on the lessee, he/she is also liable if he/she was not guilty of the damage;

3.1.16. to submit a written explanation to the lessor regarding the incident in case of the damage to the lessor or to third parties or loss of documents or objects not later than after 24 hours. If there is no other way of expressing a written explanation, it can be submitted to the lessor, exceptionally, to the e-mail address indicated in the contract by providing an explanation with a digital signature;

3.1.17.to immediately inform the lessor in the event of deficiencies or obstacles of  use and take measures to reduce the damage and to preserve the vehicle;


3.1.18. The lessee is obligated to return the vehicle to a prescribed spot on a prescribed time. The vehicle may not be abandoned.

3.1.19. The lessee is obligated to use the vehicle in the territory of the Republic of Estonia. For leaving the country, the lessor’s earlier written permission and an agreement in advance are required.




4.1. The damage caused because of the road accident or third party’s unlawful conduct shall be borne by the lessee to the extent not covered by the insurance (i.e., the liability rate).

4.2. The lessee is fully responsible for any missing or changed parts and accessories from the vehicle.

4.3. In case the lessor finds out that the vehicle returned by the lessee is damaged or with deficiencies beyond it’s normal wear and/or use, then the lessee is obligated to compensate the lessor the costs arising from the removal of such wear and tear and/or damage. The lessor is entitled to withhold the corresponding expenses from the deposit paid by the lessee.

4.4. If the vehicle is damaged by the lessee or by third parties, the loss is suffered by the lessee.

4.5.If the vehicle returned to the lessor needs repairs, the lessee shall bear the cost of the rental service agreed in the contract for each repair day in addition to the repair cost.
4.6. If the lessee or the other driver intentionally caused damage to the lessor or to a third party with his/her act (activity or omission), the lessee will bear the full loss.

4.7. The lessee is fully liable for damage caused by a drunk lessee or another driver.

4.8. If the lessee transfers the vehicle to a third party, the lessee shall bear the full loss to the lessor or third parties.

4.9. The lessee shall bear the full loss caused by theft of the vehicle, if he/she does not return the keys, the signaling pulley, the immobilizer and activator and the vehicle registration certificate and insurance policy to the lessor.

4.10. Damage caused by bad fuel is borne by the lessee.

4.11. Failure to return documents or keys of the vehicle or in case of the return of the vehicle with a defective gear, the lessee shall pay the lessor a penalty payment of 300 euros for each lost or missing document or item.

4.12. Upon returning a vehicle with a tank that is not completely filled with the fuel intended for this vehicle, the lessee shall pay a refueling fee of 20 euros and the cost of the missing fuel.

4.13. In case the lessee abandons the vehicle, the lessee undertakes to pay the lessor a penalty in the amount of the cost of the vehicle.

4.14. The lessee is liable according to the liability of the owner and pays the fines imposed on the lessor.

4.15.If the lessee participates in a traffic accident with the vehicle, due to which the lessor’s insurance risk factor increases, the Lessee shall pay a one-time penalty payment of  250 euros in addition to the deductible.

4.16. NO SMOKING IN THE RENTED VEHICLE!!! (SMOKING IN THE VEHICLE = DRY CLEANING 200 €) USE OF CAR SCENT’S and other scent’s = smoking in the car.



5.1. The lessor undertakes to carry out the maintenance of the vehicle and bear the costs associated with it.

5.2. The lessor undertakes to carry out repairs of the vehicle and bear the costs associated with the vehicle.

5.3. The vehicle is insured with compulsory vehicle insurance at the time of the transfer. The obligatory vehicle insurance is paid by the lessor.



VI Obligations of the Lessor


6.1.1. The lessor obliges to transfer the vehicle to the lessee in a time and in the place specified in the agreement.

6.1.2. The lessor obliges to carry the agreement out in good faith.

6.1.3 to make sure that the vehicle transferred is maintained, with valid insurance and to provide the vehicle with the required documents in the agreed completeness and status, at the time and period;

6.1.4.  to take the vehicle from the lessee at the agreed place (at the place of acceptance) and after the end of the lease term;

6.1.5. to ensure that the vehicle meets all requirements for the participation in traffic at the time of the transfer to the lessee;

6.1.6. to notify the lessee of any vehicle defects, specifications and instructions for use, that are reasonably expected to be reported by the lessor;

6.1.7. to provide the tenant with the assistance that can reasonably be expected from the lessor, if the vehicle can not be used. If the vehicle can not be used because of the circumstances arising from the lessee, the lessor is not liable for it and is not required to assist the lessee;

6.1.8. to eliminate the deficiency of the vehicle during a reasonable period if the deficiency occurs during the validity of the contract and for which the lessee is not liable and does not have to dispose of at his/her own expense and the lessor can be reasonably expected to remedy the defect;

6.1.9.  to immediately notify the lessee of the forwarded fine or other obligation (such as a warning, penalty, etc.), the execution of which is the responsibility of the lessee. If the lessor does not provide the lessee with the information about the aforementioned claims, the lessee is not required to compensate the lessor for these claims.


VII Rights of the Lessor

7.1.1. The lessor has the right to claim a deposit in the extent of own responsibility.

7.1.2. The lessor has the right to check the condition of the vehicle and the maintenance of it.

7.1.3. The lessor shall determine the place, conditions and the extent of repairing the vehicle, regardless of the location of the vehicle.

7.1.4. The lessor has the right to opt out of renting the vehicle and terminate the lease agreement, if the lessee or the second driver rises suspicion or there is basis for assuming that the vehicle will be used for malicious purposes or that the operational requirements may be ignored.

7.1.5. The damages caused by a malfunction of the vehicle or damages of other sorts (accident, interruption or cancellation of a trip, damages due to not fulfilling obligations due to work or other factors for the lessee, second driver or to any third party) are not borne by the lessor. These costs are covered by the lessee and this is the risk of leasing.

7.1.6. In the case of not informing the lessor of a case of causing damages, the lessee will pay the lease amount times three and also cover the costs suffered by the lessor due to this. The compensation of damages is a one-off cash payment.

7.1.7. This agreement is drawn up considering the principles of reasonableness and good faith. By signing the agreement, I certify having read the full lease agreement and having understood the content and meaning of this agreement, agreeing to the terms set forth in this agreement.

VIII Other Provisions

  1. By signing below, the lessee certifies having read the lease agreement in full, understanding its content and meaning, agreeing to the terms set forth in the agreement.
  2. In matters not provided in the contract, the parties refer to the provisions of the Law of Obligations from § 339 to § 390.
  3. The lessee agrees to the processing of his/her following personal data by 1Rendiauto and to transmission of the following data to Krediidiinfo AS: name, personal identification number, the start and end date of payment disturbances and the sum of the disturbances. The lessee agrees to the processing of his/her aforementioned data for making a credit decision according to the payment disturbances’ registry of Krediidiinfo AS. The right to forward the lessee’s data to Krediidiinfo AS arises if the lessee has an unfulfilled financial obligation due to this agreement.